About my classes

Meditations, Yoga posture work and Yoga games make up my Yum Yoga classes. Through tried and tested activities I help children and teens to feel more centred and calm, exercise their bodies and also have fun through Yoga and Meditation. Mindfulness underpins all the activities we do.

With being a fully qualified school teacher with 8 years experience teaching in a variety of settings, you can be assured all the sessions would be relevant for each age group and engaging.

I have been teaching children’s Yoga and Mindfulness since 2013 when I completed my ‘Yoga in School’ training with Michael Chissick, Children’s Yoga pioneer and teacher.

My recent TeenYoga qualification which I completed at the end of November with Charlotta Martinus, is giving me a cutting-edge approach to teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teens based on the latest research and practical methods best suited for 11-22 year olds.

Also as Yoga and Meditation are non-religious they can be practised by children and teens of any religious or non-religious denomination.

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